Fixing a flaw

For my latest quilt project I have once again chosen to put together a patchwork of individual images.  These images are printed on cotton lawn because as there is to be quite a bit of hand stitching I want to make it as easy for my arthritic fingers as possible.  The down side of cotton lawn, however, is that it is so fine that it can fold imperceptibly, causing breaks in the print.


This happened to two of my 25 pieces – in a very minor way, but nonetheless rather obvious.  I’m lucky that the design of the pieces is visually chaotic having been derived from a lino print, and deliberately includes the lino cutaway marks – as well as a kind of ‘wallpaper’ pattern superimposed.  But I needed to fix the white jagged line as much as possible.  Annoying, but not the end of the world.


I have found in similar situations in the past that Prismacolor coloured pencils have both the range of shade as well as the waxiness to achieve a good enough fix.  Although it can be seen still in the pic below, I hope that once the stitching has been done that the flaws will not be obvious – especially as I will give them another going over with the crayons once stitched.



3 thoughts on “Fixing a flaw

  1. Oh! Yes a bit annoying to have that flaw but brilliant solution to cover it up. I was thinking pen but there is not nearly the range of colors available. Actually I’ve found myself reaching for my pencils now and then not to cover flaws but in an attempt to enhance when stitch was not an option. Have gotten over my initial feeling of guilt that it was cheating. I know – where did that come from? Something from my traditional quilting background no doubt.


    • Sheila the crayons are safer than pens also because there is no danger of ink spreading. The marks can be controlled too, subtle or darker – and the Prismacolor waxy pencils mix beautifully too.
      Guilt! So often popping up inappropriately!


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