More progress on 2016 projects

pastimeAs I described in this post last year, I have been utilising strips of knitting in current pieces.  Pleased with the first one I completed, Patched pastime (pictured above) I decided to put together another – this time using the blues.

juggler-blues-wholejuggler-blues-detailThe knitted strips hang in ways that are – let’s say idiosyncratic – and not neatly edged or cornered.  I actually like this, but ’tis true that the bottom corners of Patched pastime definitely needed something more, hence the pom-poms.  This time Juggler, blues while perhaps even more eccentric in its lack of neat outline, delights me equally.  The shape of the whole complements the feeling of the juggler, and echoes the  movement in the knitted patterns.

I wonder however whether I have in fact wandered well away from ‘quilt-ness’ with these pieces.  Can they be described as art quilts?  Almost all of the pieces I have made, and all which have been successfully juried into various exhibitions have been wholecloth, which in itself is a minority sub-set of art quilts.  The knitwear-utilising pair are pieced, but use a non-standard material.  They are made to hang on the wall, and consist of three layers of fabric stitched together, but they are not regular, neat edged rectangles.

I’m really pleased with these two pieces – delighted indeed.  I’m not going to worry about categories: I think that I shall simply say that I use quilting techniques in my work.

4 thoughts on “More progress on 2016 projects

  1. Not to worry Olga. People are incorporating all kinds of nontraditional textiles in their art quilts and their work is eagerly accepted as quilts with less quiltiness than you describe putting into your work. The addition of the knit borders works very well in this second piece.


  2. Sheila, thank you for your links. I have not been able to get through to the second one, but will keep trying.
    I think it can be problematic when pieces of work are categorised by technique. It becomes especially so when the work is compared and judged within not only that category – quilts in this case – but within the additional category of art. With that latter the arguments could be potentially infinite. I am more interested in the art-ness of art quilts than the quilt-ness.
    Gradually I seem to be drifting away from much desire to compete, or perhaps even to conform, and am more interested in following my curiosity to see what evolves from that. And to enjoy both process and result – the former being more important for me. At first I strove to be judged, so that I could see where I stood, and how I could improve – now, although of course I value comment when it comes, I am concerned more about my own judgment.


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