A pile of stitching completed

DSCN7009Self portrait with ancestors (detail)

It has been over a month since the last post here, but I assuredly have not been idle.  I’ve completed most of the backlog of quilts-in-progress.  Indeed only two that are on cloth remain.  I say ‘only’ two, but each of those will require much work, one by hand and to be left until winter, and one by machine.  Here are some of the ones completed:

DSCN7008Plunge (detail)

DSCN7010Chasing fish (detail)

DSCN7011Finding the edge (detail)

DSCN7012Triplicate (detail)

I have also completed many small pieces; several while watching tennis, including:

DSCN7013Point by point (detail)- silk

DSCN7014Contemplation (cotinus) (detail) – cotton

DSCN7015Hot novel (detail) – cotton

DSCN7018Building an argument (detail) – cotton

Both Triplicate and Contemplation were originated as what I will call traditional prints, although I’m not sure that a solar print is strictly speaking traditional.  One of a series of monotypes using stencils led to Triplicate – the print scanned, and not much digital work needed before it was resized and printed onto cotton.

dreamerAn experiment with solar printmaking: photopolymer plate origination and intaglio printing produced the main element of the image that became Contemplation (cotinus).  I scanned one of the resultant prints, and in this case digitally removed the original background, reworked the composition, and inserted a new background consisting of a scan of diseased cotinus (smoke bush) leaves from the garden.  Printed onto A3 lawn cotton, I’m pleased with the effect.  I like this figure, and could well use her again with a different background.



4 thoughts on “A pile of stitching completed

  1. Hi Olga,
    I love your new small works, they are so interesting.
    I was briefly exposed to solar printing when visiting a class taught by Dan Weldon http://www.danwelden.com/ At a local college a few years ago. It is such an interesting process, I’m kind of sorry I didn’t take the class. I did end up buying two of his prints, which are hanging in my bedroom. I will continue to watch your experiments with interest


    • Thank you Karen for your comments on my work. Thanks also for the link to Dan Weldon’s work which looks most attractive.
      I have done very little solar printing myself, and I must admit was not that drawn to it. We have minimal strong sun here in the UK to use natural resources in the plate making, and so we had to use a light box in the studio. The process did not appeal to me nearly as much as using direct marks with minimal mechanics – but I was particularly happy with a couple of the prints I did make, and am happy to use those further.


  2. Wow! The stitching is amazing, mesmerising – and to think you accomplished this while watching the tennis! Like Karen, I particularly like the small works. Solar printing, completely new concept to me, fascinating.


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