Broadening focus

The problem with being focussed on finishing one piece in slow stitch mode is that meantime other things pile up, mostly because my mind keeps ticking over.  Well, the very nature of the slow stitching is that it provides the ideal environment for much thought!

building an argument

Anyway, deadline stitching done with just sleeves to sew onto the piece I must now concentrate on progressing through the designs which have accumulated in my files meantime.  I am using printable cotton lawn at present, and the result is a muted version of what I see on my screen.  This is OK, and have allowed for it.  The two I’m starting with are Building an argument (above) and Point by point.  I shall also use cotton threads, with the addition in Building an argument of gold for the grid.

listening and thinking before deciding

I already have a pile of designs waiting to be cut out of vinyl for relief printing, but of course I seem to just keep churning them out.  The first one, Giggles, is now a definite template and added to the teetering pile, while the second is still in ponder limbo.

new got the giggles

Clone of despair


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