Fiddling about, but still not getting it right

Sometimes I cannot settle to one thing or other, and inevitably I turn to fiddling with designs in limbo.  The fritillary I deconstructed has been on my mind, and added to the image of the gardener which is incomplete, I started playing about.

gardener fritillary

The result is not bad, but not right.  I really need to be ruthless about putting this design away for a while because I do think that the figure is worth pursuing.

4 thoughts on “Fiddling about, but still not getting it right

    • Yes, Eirene, I agree. The fiddling about is a practical way of thinking out different ideas which in many cases have no real serious intent as far as that specific design is concerned. Here I had been intrigued by the visual impact and triggers that the photos of the fritillary had set up in my mind, and wanted to explore them in some kind of context. This figure being a gardener provided a sort of appropriate canvas. Also, I was still not happy with the gardener image as it was.

      On the whole I do find that less is nearly always more – although it nearly always involves more work to take out appropriately than to put in. Interestingly enough this morning I awoke with a possible solution for my gardener beginning to form itself in my mind, but nothing solid yet. It is also possible that the ‘right’ solution could be something that is not achievable for practical reasons at this point, and she may have to rest in a file forever, or until circumstances change.


  1. First of all, apologies if you didn’t want outside input. Just ignore this in that instance.

    It seems the fritillary is too ‘complete’ compared to the incomplete figure.
    I do love the incomplete figure though. and I can see how the fritillary colour relates to the jumper of the gardener. So, what about reducing the opacity/increasing the transparency of the fritillaries?


    • Sandy, I always welcome serious comment, even if I do not agree with it!

      The problem you point out is valid, and it is one of the things that leapt out at me too. I think that the fritillary has to be ‘solid’ in order to work, but as you say, it does not cut it in this context. I am also not happy with the relative scales in this case. Oh, I am not happy with many little elements, but like you and Eirene, I do like the figure.

      But I am relaxed about the project. It’s one of the positive aspects of working on several things in parallel, so that they can proceed happily at different speeds.


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