Inspired to design

Seeing John Piper’s collages in Chichester the other day (I wrote a post about it in Threading Thoughts) has inspired me to work on some designs.  I have files of figures, some used previously and some not yet used satisfactorily.   I often start designing, but am not always successful with an image I like.  Sometimes the design is almost there, and needs some back burner thinking, and this is the case with the present piece.


I like the drawing and the idea, but I am not completely convinced yet.

4 thoughts on “Inspired to design

  1. It is good to see the return of this blog as I always enjoy seeing your work and, especially having glimpses of process and evolution.
    My immediate thought as I looked at this image was of a sketch book page drawn on rough surface drawing paper in pastels and charcoal. This gives it a great immediacy and life and suggests hard work and household responsibilities just out of view. I shall be fascinated to see where you take it.


    • Margaret I’m glad that you like the figure. I am pleased with that aspect too – it’s the combining with the background which I find problematic. But I never really worry about such things; I simply push them aside until I’m ready with fresh ideas.


  2. I’m so pleased to see the return of this blog, Olga.

    I think the combining of the background with the image is inspired. And then, the bright red and the less bright red lower down…. I think it’s perfect – I would not change anything. I like it very much.


    • Thank you for your comments Eirene. I have just reverted to my original impulse with another piece I’ve been working on, and so could well end up going with this more or less as it is. However, I shall leave it aside for a wee while longer before proceeding. It is good to have a queue of work to get on with, so that each design has its time.


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