Second bite of the cherry

Seduction comes in many guises.  I am seduced by books, for instance, but they largely reward the desire which they arouse.  There are many more questionable enticements, however, and one such for me is the promise of organisation.  This originally came in the form of stationery, and indeed I still find notebooks, pencils, pens, filing methods, etc. seductive.  Now there is the added enticement of a nice shiny new blog with which to organise my work.

But each method of organisation has to fit its circumstances; what is for private consumption and what can also work publically – especially when the public is widespread and largely unknown.  Realisation of this quickly led me to close this blog from public view while I tried to sort out my thoughts – organisation needs to be organised!  Now, however, I am ready to try again, to see where this can go.

SAQA SquareThe subject of this first post of the reopened blog is my recent donation to this year’s SAQA Benefit Auction. Size matters very particularly in this case, as the donated quilted piece has to be 12″x 12″.  I find it difficult to work exactly to size.  I miss out on many – maybe even most – exhibitions because my work is either too small or in one case too big for the entrance criteria.  I have donated squares previously by cutting down larger printed pieces which as luck would have it were not working for my own purposes.  But with no such ‘mistakes’ of which to take advantage, no donations were made for a couple of years.

Then, I was sorting through my remaining small stash of bought fabrics and came across a little piece of shiny madras cotton, bought many years ago in New Hampshire – another result of seduction: I had originally gone in to buy wool, and I came out with far more than planned!  Looking at the colours it struck me that they would not only complement this piece, but that for once this was a piece which could stand – perhaps even be enhanced by a border.  It so happened that the proportions, everything worked out so that I was happy with the look, and so serendipity has led to another donation to SAQA.



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