Current project 1: Distant dancers

DD1The huge quilt which seems to be everlasting started a few years ago.  The inspiration came from seeing sculpture by Thomas Houseago.  I was bowled over, and immediately wanted to work, to make something.  The design came quickly, but it was a while before I had it printed on cotton.  Last year, however I thought the subject might be appropriate as an entry for an exhibition the deadline for which was in the autumn.

DD2I started stitching in late spring last year, but I badly underestimated how long it would take to complete – or did I?  Whatever, I allowed too much time to be distracted elsewhere, and here I am approaching another spring before I am finished.  I don’t want to show the full design just in case I want to enter it for another exhibition sometime.

DD3I have been drifting rather for a few years, just finishing whatever whenever.  I now want to focus more; to be more directed.  I’m going to list my main ongoing projects to start the sorting.

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