New Year: 2016

A new year and a new blog.  I feel the need for a new space into which I can place process and progress.  This is the beginning of my dispensing with categories such as textile art – it’s all work, and this blog will confine itself to my projects, their process, and progress.

2 thoughts on “New Year: 2016

  1. Ah – you remind me of why I named my blog what I did. I wanted the latitude to talk about and share any and all things that came within the purview of the explorations I hoped to make on my creative journey. I didn’t want to feel guilty or like I was letting my readers down if I veered from quilting into a different type of textile work. I didn’t want to limit my growth if it should lead me out of the textile world altogether. And yet, because of perceived expectations, I sometimes HAVE felt guilty during stretches where I post little about fabric and thread, even though I know those other things are important to my own fulfillment. Such is the public life, I guess! At any rate, I am excited about your new blog.


    • Sheila, Thank you for your excitement!
      I originally started my Threading thoughts blog to fill a gap created when circumstances got in the way of an intense letter and email exchange that I’d been involved with. I felt the need to keep writing about what I was thinking.
      Of course I learned that a blog is not the same as a close personal exchange, no matter how friendly the readers, and especially as it does not bring me the dialogue which I still miss. But, I do still enjoy writing about things: work and other thoughts, and of course there are all the other blogs which I can read.
      But now, as I say, I do want to have this extra space in which to write only about the work, as much as anything to keep it noted for my own sake – and always open to comments and questions from others.


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